Welcome To Our InStore Blog

on Monday, August 5, 2013 4:28:00 PM

Well it's been a long time in coming but we now have an instore blog to work with and pass long even more useful pond tips.

For years now we know you've visited our full blog at http://pondalgaesolutions.org but hey, there are times when we just needed to update our store here with some useful product updates, tips, and whatever strikes our fancy from time to time.

So in a sense, don't consider this a full replacement of our time-honored pond blog but a new neighbor who is willing and able to help a bit more with your pond.

Stay tuned here as we provide site updates, service announcements, sales specials, and unique educational events that will make your time with your pond even more enjoyable than it is right now!

You have that as our promise...

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