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SW40 Aeration System
AirMax SW40 Aeration System

Airmax SW40 - Shallow Pond Aeration System

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    The SW40 is designed to work in shallow water conditions and is great for any pond up to 1/2 acre in size with a maximum depth of six feet or less.

    Kit Includes:Silent Air Cabinet and Pump w/ cooling fan
    200' or400' of 3/8" weighted airline (Please choose length at checkout)
    Four ProAir 2 self-weighted diffusers
    Fittings and clamps

    0.9 Max Running Amps
    115 Volts
    4.9 CFM
    6' Max operational depth
    $5.04 24/7 Monthly operational costs (estimated)

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    This Has Helped The Pond
    Joe Gowen
    Review Date:

    We picked up a shallow aerator kit a few months back and it's done a lot to help the pond. We didn't have much of anything circulating in there and even though it's only around 5 feet deep, this aerator appears to have helped the fish and the pond looks better too. It was a good investment for us.




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