Algae Analysis Testing For Ultrasound Use

We strongly recommend when considering ultrasound as a treatment option for your pond that you have a water/algae sample taken for testing to identify the specific species of algae that you have in the pond.

There is not cost on the pond owner's part, other than shipping charges (preferrably USPS Priority Mail) to KLM Solutions.

We use an independent aquatic lab for testing and simply ask that the pond owner supply a standard size drinking bottle filled with a collection of water and algae sample.

An algae analysis form must be included with the sample. You can download and/ print that form here (in pdf format) or contact us and request the form via email.

Package and ship the algae sample and analysis form to the following address...

KLM Solutions LLC
2269 Ridgeview Drive
Muscatine Iowa 52761

We will notify you of the results of the test via email, usually within about two weeks after recieving the sample. Please note, mid-summer lab tests may take longer to process due to the increased amount of test requests.

In most cases, the testing will indicate whether ultrasound technology will be effective on the algae species present in the pond at the time of the test. We may also suggest other protocols that might be included, based on other data from the test.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our algae analysis testing.

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