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biosphere pro
BioSphere Pro 1 Acre

BiospherePRO 1 Acre Treatment For Ponds

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    The One acre BioSphere Pro will treat a full acre or 1 million gallons of water volume in your large pond. Can be combined with additional spheres to treat multi-acre ponds and lakes.

    Each sphere will work for a full 30 days to help clean, restore and revitalize a pond. The process is safe and does not involve chemicals of any kind which makes it safe for fish, pets, wildlife, and people.

    The BioSphere can also help reduce organic sediment and build up in a pond and it can be combined with our BioBlast for even more muck reduction. On ponds that are really in poor condtion, we suggest treating for 2 to 3 months duration to improve the pond.

    Poly spheres can safely be removed and recycled and a land line is included for easy retrieval. Works in temperatures from 34 degrees up to 100+ making it an all season solution. 

    Want to save a few bucks today?  Be sure to look over our volume pricing options for this item that begins with the purchase of 3 or more spheres.  The more you buy the more you save, and you'll still only pay for a one time shipping charge.

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    Good Way To Treat A Large Pond
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    We've used this product several times over the last year and it works well and as advertised. It does take some time to get the pond looking better but we're happy with it.




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