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KoiAir 1 Aerator
AirMax KoiAir 1 Aeration Kit

KoiAir 1 Aeration System

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    This is one of the best water garden aeration kits on the small pond market today. Included is a compressor pump, 25' of 3/8 weighted airline, and a 2-stick diffuser plus fittings.

    The KA1 will work wonderfully in ponds up to 8,000 gallons and has a suggested operational depth of no more than 4 feet in order to maintain aeration quality and the overall life of the compressor.  In smaller ponds it's not usually necessary to place the diffusers at the deepest part of a pond, therefore, even a more shallow, off-center location will still aerate the pond well.

    CFM output is rated at 0.80 using 17 watts of power.  The monthly operational cost running 24/7 is estimated by the manufacturer to be less than $1.00.

    This system is made for outdoor use however ideally a protective cover is recommended for additional protection.

    3 year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, made in the USA.

    Ships Free to all states except Alaska and Hawaii!

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