Do You Want To Keep Your Fish Safe In The Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Is Your Pond Stagnant, Stinky, Or Just One Big Mess? Well The Solution To Most Seasonal Pond Problems Starts With Just Two Simple Words...

Pond Aeration!


 If you're concerned about stopping winter fish kills and the damaging ice build-up around your docks in cold weather, this device can do it!

If you're tired of seeing your pond and fish get beaten up by the heat, it's time to do something about it.

If you're frustrated with constantly fighting water quality problems like algae of various kinds, you aren't helpless in the battle.

And if you can't stand the stench of rotting vegetation and the black, stinky muck and sludge that comes with it, you now have a tool that can make a difference!

The answer is pond aeration.

Nothing will help your pond more when times get tough, no matter the season, and it's an absolute life-saver for fish of all kinds... 

Nothing could be more fundamental to improving the condition and vitality of virtually any size of pond or lake, during any time of the year...

Here are a few reasons why we can make this seemingly bold claim...

How aeration can help your pond...

  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels throughout the entire pond.
  • Vital protection for fish and other aquatic wildlife during the high heat of summer or severe freezing in the winter months.
  • Dynamically stimulates existing natural beneficial bacteria that help to clean and balance even the largest ponds and lakes.
  • Increases circulation through the entire pond which eliminates thermal layers which can lead to unwanted and deadly inversions during hot stagnant weather.
  • May help to reduce unwanted algae blooms in ponds.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Low cost of operation.  Even our large pond systems are usually less than $1.00 per day to operate 24/7.

Good, robust aeration does so much for a pond and it's useful for year-round management.  No matter what the season, such as the high heat of summer, or the cold, icy winter, aerating a pond will help protect fish and create a cleaner environment.

The key of course is supporting high dissolved oxygen levels throughout the pond and increase good circulation.  This not only keeps fish safe from oxygen depletion which is quite common during hot weather, but it also can lessen winter fish kills because of stagnant air and gases that may get trapped under the ice. 

Also the real custodians of your pond are little microbes that do the relentless work of keeping organic debris, muck, and sludge from unleashing high nutrients into the water which feeds a lot of unwanted growth.  It just so happens that this good beneficial bacteria is aerobic and just like your fish, it thrives when oxygen levels are good.

Pond aeration supports it all!

We offer the top rated aeration systems on the market today.  Simply click on the graphic below that best matches your pond size.  Small ponds are rated from 50 gallons up to 16,000 gallons.  Large ponds are from 1/8 of an acre up to 10+ acres in size.

Common Questions About Pond Aeration Systems

Since we're heading into fall and winter seasons how can aeration help?

Sub-surface aeration is a powerful tool for any season of the year.  In the fall it continues to provide a stabilizing influence on the pond as far as temperatures are concerned and it will continue to aid in oxygenation and circulation as the weather cools.  Once things get really cold, properly installed aeration can help keep ice from forming over the entire pond which can trap gases and stop oxygen exchange into the water.  This is a prime cause of winter fish kills.  Aeration can help keep damaging ice away from valuable docks.  And as spring approaches, ongoing aeration can help minimize seasonal transitions that might affect or stress your fish.

Will aeration clear a pond of algae problems?

Maybe.  Here's the thing.  If a pond hasn't been treated with something that would have killed beneficial bacteria that's naturally occurring in the pond, then by adding aeration this bacteria can be revived and begin to lower nutrients fairly quickly.  When this happens algae may be reduced without any other treatments.  In some cases supplementing fresh bacteria will help too but aeration is the key to improving things.

How long will a compressor run?

All of our aeration systems come with a minimum 2 year warranty on the compressor and up to 5 years on the airline and diffusers.  Several small pond units come with 3 year warranties on the pumps.  In many cases the systems are designed for continual use and should easily provide 5+ years of dependable service and many have been in use from 7 years and more.  Wearable parts such as the diaphragms or seals are easily replaced with inexpensive repair kits if necessary.

Are aeration systems affordable to operate?

Yes, all of our aeration kits are efficient in energy usage.  Every system will run off a standard 110 volts with optional 220 volt systems available upon request.  Most systems will easily cost less then $10 per month to operate and this is the estimated cost of operation for the 1/4 horsepower large pond systems.

Are aeration systems quiet?

Yes! Compared to your typical air compressor that you might have in the garage, there is no comparison.  All of our systems are very quiet in operation.  Even the largest system such as the AM100 which uses 2 - 1/3 horsepower pumps is rated below 50 db which is like listening to a normal voice conversation from about 10 feet away.  Smaller systems are quieter yet.  They produce a very subtle humming while operating.

Fountains or aerators - which is better?

Generally speaking for overall pond health we prefer sub-surface aerators over fountains.  Fountains help some but they only affect the upper few feet of a pond, where a diffuser sitting at the bottom will assist the entire pond and stimulate cleaning bacteria at the bottom where it will do the most good.

I don't have electricity near the pond - what can I do?

There are several options you could look at.  Windmills may be useful for very remote ponds as they provide some degree of aeration if you have a bit of wind blowing.  For powered systems we often use inexpensive and lightweight burial airline which can be run thousands of feet away from a pond.  The compressor is placed near the power source, the burial airline is attached to this, and then run to the pond edge where it's connected to weighted airline for easy installation in the pond.  This airline then connects as usual to the diffuser(s) sitting at the bottom of the pond.

Have additional questions?  Be sure to contact us and we'll try to help.

To view our current line of top rated pond aerators simply click one of the graphics below.

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