Winter Is Holding On

on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 2:39:00 PM

Compared to last winter, at least in the Midwest, this year has been quite a bit more tolerable.  This can not be said for the folks out on the East coast.  You have our condolences!

But as we inch ever closer to spring, and yes it is coming soon, we can look forward once again to getting our ponds up and running and we might even have a chance to enjoy a bit of the spring.  

Before algae starts showing up that is.  

If you want to get a jump on the algae, and I usually suggest that this is the best approach, rather than waiting for it to show up unexpectedly, then this is the perfect time to get ready.

You can perfect your battle plan right now, and it won't cost much.  

I've just finished updating our Pond Algae Solutions online course and I highly recommend you look it over.  I think it will help anyone with a pond and particularly those that have had a history of algae problems.

Go here now and save some cash before the price goes up in the spring!

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