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Airmax PS20
Airmax PS20 1/3 HP Aerator

PS20 1/2 HP Aeration System

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    The PS20 will aerate...
    1/4 acre 3 to 5 feet deep
    1/2 acre 5 to 9 feet deep
    1 acre 9 to 12 feet deep
    2 acres 12 feet deep or greater

    Kit Includes:Silent Air Cabinet and Pump
    200' of 3/8" weighted airline
    Two four membrane stick diffusesr / plates
    Fittings and clamps.

    Multiple diffusers are included in this system to help treat larger and potentially more shallow areas adequately.

    Updated 1/2 HP Compressor
    4.1 Amps on 115v, 230v is available, please contact us for more information.
    115 Volts
    4.7 CFM
    21' Max operational depth, up to 50' with the deeper water add on kit.
    $22.02 24/7 Monthly operational costs (estimated)




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