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     PS30 w/ No Airline, Set up for 5/8" Airline Only 


     PS30 w/ 300' of 3/8" Weighted Airline 


    The PS30 will aerate...
    3/4 acre 3 to 5 feet deep
    1 - 1.5 acre 5 to 9 feet deep
    2 acres 9 to 12 feet deep
    3 acres 12 feet deep or greater

    Kit Includes:Silent Air Cabinet and Pump
    OPTIONAL: 300' of 3/8" weighted airline or without airline for custom lengths as required (see additional information below)**
    Three 4-membrane stick diffuser / plates
    Fittings and clamps.

    **The PS30 is also available with no airline and you can order custom lengths of 5/8" airline to suit any pond. You'll find additional airline options once adding the PS30 to the shopping cart.

    Detailed specifications can be found below.

    New 1/2 HP Compressor
    4.1 Amps on 115v - 230v is available, please contact us for this upgrade.
    115 Volts
    4.5 CFM
    21' Max operational depth, up to 50' with the deep water add on kit.
    $26.65 24/7 Monthly operational costs (estimated)