Our Safe Algae-Free Promise

Dealing with a pond algae problem can be one of the most frustrating things that a pond owner might face in their day to day management of their pond.

Despite all the claims and promises of the folks that sell algae control products, there is no single "silver bullet" that can promise to work in every situation or in every pond.

At Pond Algae Solutions we have tested and reviewed every product we carry and we do our best to suggest the proper use (for maximum effectiveness) of those treatments, either alone or in combination. We believe in the products that we offer, and we know they represent the safest, most effective, and most eco-friendly algae control methods that exist today.

Professional Support & Advice

As a customer of Pond Algae Solutions, know that you're not alone.

We offer pond consultations and ongoing support via email or by phone to all of our customers and when you make a purchase from us, we are dedicated to helping you create the clean and clear pond that you want.

Unlike many large, online retailers who use uneducated operators who simply read back information to you from their catalog, we have an experienced technical support staff that have helped customers for over 5 years now, with all types of pond algae problems.

We can help you too!

Contact us anytime you have a question or concern about your pond and we'll respond asap to help.

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