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So...Just What Is The Algae Solution?


First of all, I can tell you one thing it's not...and if you're thinking about using a chemical algaecide...PLEASE STOP!

Up to now, the most common way to deal with an algae problem was with the use of chemical products like copper sulphate algaecides.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not all that comfortable with putting a toxic heavy metal algaecide in my large pond or water garden!

Can this possibly be safe for fish, plants, wildlife or people in the long run?

Another problem with chemicals like this is, they actually can make the problem worse.

You see, studies show that algae blooms when there's an excess of organic nutrients in the water. These nutrients come from decomposing materials that are found at the bottom of the pond. Materials like...well there's no better way to say it, fecal material from waterfowl and fish, rotting food sources, grass clippings...and of all things...dead algae.

That's right, algae that's killed off by chemicals dies and sinks to the bottom of the pond, adding to the organic sludge layer.

This "chemical cocktail quick fix" in turn fosters another round of algael growth, creating an endless cycle of treatment. It treats the symptoms but never really gets to the root cause.

In the short term, the pond looks free of any problems, but is it really clean and clear?

I'll also add to this that mis-application of chemcials is one of the leading causes for fish kills in nearly any size of pond.

With all the risks associated with using chemicals, it's easy to see that they are not the best alternative when it comes to pond health. In fact some cities around the U.S. are now banning the use of copper algaecides in municipal waterways.

In recent years there have been some new developments in the war on algae that are much safer for the environment. And now we have a number of highly targeted tools to attack the root causes of algae growth as well as the algae itself

So What Is The Algae Solution?

Here's the bottom line. The Algae Solution isn't one single thing. It's a process or a series of steps that together can, for the most part, make chemicals obsolete.

Algae, after all is only a symptom of other issues like high nutrients in the water or heavy organic build up at the pond bottom...so why not work on those to improve things?

At the front of the line, we use a beneficial bacteria tool in a very unique form because it's literally Mother Nature's workhorse for cleaning a pond and keeping it in great shape.

Please read this closely...I want to make a very important point. Beneficial bacteria are not, and should not be considered "algaecides" by definition nor should they be considered a direct "algae control" or killing tool**. But I believe this is good. Bacteria is so safe because it doesn't kill algae like an algaecide would. It doesn't kill anything at all.

It simply and safely supports the pond's natural cleansing processes and it just happens to make it really hard for algae to grow too once a pond becomes balanced and clean. I have to admit I actually get slightly offended when someone calls it a chemical...good bacteria is nothing of the sort.

The Algae Solution approach may also include things like ultrasound (yes it's high tech), good aeration, pond dyes, barley straw, or a number of other mechanical options. It may include other plants, certain kinds of fish, and it may even include a copper-free algaecide now and then but at a very base level, it always includes really good, intelligent pond management. Read the Five Days Report to learn more about this.

But I degress. Let's cover bacteria in a bit more depth because it's really important for your pond's health and clarity.

You can choose any bacteria you like and it will get you off to a good start at restoring and balancing your pond. I am partial however to a particular formula that we've put together that has been in use for over a decade. It's been refined and enhanced along the way and it can make the job of treating your pond very easy.

Most beneficial bacteria must be added fairly often. It usually comes in powders or liquids and you absolutely have to get the dosage right for it to work well. You don't want to miss a treatment day that might come around as often as once every 7 to days.

Compare this to our patented system, that releases fresh bacteria and enzymes 24/7 for a full month without you doing anything special. It's a time-release, automated system that ensures an adequate and consistent dosing.

And it will work in any size of pond, from small, backyard water gardens up to multi-acre ponds and lakes. There is a pre-dosed, easy to apply treatment for all of them!

And perhaps best of all...it's totally safe for fish, pets, wildlife, and people. There is no risk of overdosing or mis-application like you might have with chemicals.

So...if you continue to be frustrated with unwanted growth and poor conditions in your pond. If you're still fighting water quality problems. If you're tired of having a stinky and smelly pond...then it's time to make some changes!


Here's All You Need To Know About Our Beneficial Bacteria

checkWe use a proprietary formula specifically designed to consume organic waste AND lower nutrient loads which is THE best way to limit unwanted plant growth!

checkIt uses a patented dispenser that also serves as an "incubator" for the bacteria and enzymes keeping them strong and vital!

checkOur technology activates a superior time release process, ensuring month long effective management with a once a month application!

checkOur treatment is safe for humans, animals, rooted plants, and fish by using no harmful chemicals. Plus it's 100% biodegradable!

checkIt is specially formulated to work in both cold and warm water making it perfect for all season pond cleaning.

checkRoutine use helps to break down and eliminate the organic sludge that's often responsible for those insideous odors!

checkOur products work well in all sizes of ponds. Use the 2500 System for small ponds and the BioSphere Pro for larger ponds and multi-acre lakes.

checkIt is so safe, it eliminates any concerns associated with chemicals, special permits, spills and runoff. It's a great pond management system built into an easy to apply, once-a-month application!

checkAnd it's affordably priced compared to other more simple biological treatments and chemical algaecides. Why use anything else?


Ready to get your pond in better shape?

It's important to note that the Algae Solution process is much more than just a potential remedy for algae. The Algae Solution Pond Care Process is an intregrated system that offers you a way to really monitor and systematically improve the overall health and cleanliness of any aquasystem you choose to use it in.

In as little as 2 to 6 weeks*, you can reclaim your stinky, messy pond from a variety of problems!

To learn more about the 2500 System, the BioSphere Pro series, copper-free algaecides (should you still decide to use one), and mechanical options of pond treatment products click the link below...there is a size to fit and safely treat any pond.

Natural Algae Control For Ponds

If you need help in diagnosing your pond problem? Use our Pond Advisor for immediate help.

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I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit this website and if you're currently dealing with any pond or water management problems I'd urge you to give the Algae Solution process a try, I think you'll be pleased with the results.

Best Wishes and Enjoy Your Pond,

mark washburn

P.S. If your really interested in the Algae Solution protocol and the various tools we use, but still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have by clicking here.

*Many ponds treated with the Algae Solution process have shown measurable improvments within 2 to 4 weeks time. Results however may vary from pond to pond depending on how long it has gone untreated or how high the nutrient load may be. Natural processes as a whole, should not be viewed as a quick fix treatment, but should be used as part of a very safe, long term improvement program for your pond.

**Disclaimer: It is against federal regulations to use the term "algaecide" and relate it to anything other than a product which is EPA registered as such, and designed to specifically kill algae. Beneficial bacteria, pond aeration, pond dyes, and barley straw for example, do not fall within this category. All of these products simply and safely help to improve various conditions in a pond that foster unwanted growth and thereby may create a cleaner pond in the process. No claims are made in any portion of this website that any of these products kill or control algae directly, which we in fact believe is of great benefit to your pond.

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