Pond Weed Control

Recommended As The Safest Weed Control Treatment

Following our philosophy of using the safest possible treatments available for pond problems, we now recommend using Hydrothol or Aquathol to treat most rooted pond weed species.  We note below what particular plants these products are well-suited to treat. 

If you have a problem with shore based plants like cattails, please visit this page.  We use Shore Klear along with an activator called Cide Kick for any emergents around the pond.

If you don't see your particular aquatic weed listed here, or aren't sure what you have, we suggest visiting a website called Aqua Plant from Texas A & M University.  Aqua Plant provides detailed descriptions, photographs, and suggested management options for many pond plants.  

Unlike algae and duckweed, which derive their support directly from the water, rooted plant species should not be treated with our Biosphere Pro products. Instead it's best to treat them with a recommended herbicide for the best results.

We recommend the two products below because they can be used for spot treating a pond. This limits their impact on the pond as a whole, and allows a highly targeted approach to the problem weeds. Both products are contact herbicides, meaning they must make contact with the plant to kill it and they dissipate quickly after treatment which is also beneficial.

Much like our Algae-Off product for algae control, Hydrothol and Aquathol are granular and easily dispensed by topically applying it over the weed growth. Dosage rates can vary.

For safety considerations for fish, treat only one section of the pond at a time. Quartering off the pond helps to minimize rapid vegitation death, which can rob the pond of oxygen very quickly. It's also helpful to have adequate aeration running to minimize oxygen depletion as well.

* We cannot ship EPA registered Algaecides or Herbicides to the following states:

- California
- Connecticut
- Massachusetts
- New Hampshire
- New Jersey
- New York
- Rhode Island
- Washington State
- Vermont