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    Barley Straw Pellets work faster and with less mess than traditional barley bales, pillows, or pads.

    The dissolve quickly, help buffer the pH of the water, and they reduce phosphorus levels in the pond as well.

    Dosage rates may vary depending on the pond's condition and suggest rates are listed on the package.

    For example, in a pond of 2,000 gallons, the average dose is approximately 90oz of product.

    Application Rates

    Apply every six weeks. You may start your applications any time of the year

    Pond Size

    (in Gallons)
    Clear Water Turbid Water
    80 2 oz 5 oz
    100 3 oz 6 oz
    150 4 oz 9 oz
    200 6 oz 12 oz
    300 9 oz 18 oz
    400 12 oz 24 oz
    800 24 oz 48 oz
    1000 30 oz 60 oz
    1500 45 oz 90 oz
    2000 60 oz 120 oz
    2500 70 oz 140 oz
    4000 95 oz 210 oz
    5000 130 oz 280 oz
    • As the first application biodegrades & releases the active humic acids, the second application becomes ready to treat the pond & keep the natural biological cycle functional. A Fall treatment will save you problems in the spring.
    • Be patient- natural processes take time. Initially the water may become cloudy or "tea colored" but will clear shortly.
    •  Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Pellets + is the most convenient form of barley available today. The barley pellets should be introduced where water is flowing & the depth is less than three feet. You may also place some barley pellets in your filter media box.

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