Beneficial bacteria for ponds is the safest option for cleaning a pond up and restoring it to a state of health and balance. This isn't exactly a new concept, afterall Mother Nature has been using this process for millions of years.

We prefer to always incorporate bacteria into our pond treatment programs as a first line defense against a variety of water quality problems. This includes the important work of reducing or hindering the build up of organic material and sedimentation that is so supportive of pond algae blooms. If your pond is really imbalanced you may even have very bad smells and clarity issues as well.

Let's be clear on this, bacteria is not an algaecide and should not be confused as one. Algaecides, as chemicals, are designed to kill algae directly, through contact or absorption. They have their use in algae control planning, but in our opinion they have historically been overused and sometimes abused and this has created more pond related problems than they have solved.

Bacteria does not attack algae directly but by cleaning a pond up of the very things that algae needs to thrive, in an indirect way, algae can be reduced, eliminated, or never allowed to form visibly in the first place. At the same time, your pond can become cleaner and healthier along the way too.

Our philosophy, that we consider a way to "algae proof" your pond, is based on the fundamental idea that by creating a healthy pond, we can create a clear and algae-free pond as well.

It's important to note that this type of product will work best when it's supported by robust aeration. Also it should not be considered a quick fix solution to algae. It's safety is rooted in the gradual process in which it works to lower nutrients that feed algae. Be sure to allow at least 30 days, and up to 60 days to see positive results while evaluating a microbial solution.

To find the best bacteria option for your pond simply select the item that matches your pond gallon volume below. All of the products on this page include an "All Season Formula" and will work in water temperature from 34 degrees up to over 100 degrees.

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PondBiotix10 Winter Formula
PondBiotix10 Polar Blend - 30 LBS - SHIPS FREE!
Price: $525.00
Retail: $599.95
Price: $525.00
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KLM Solutions Item #: PB10PB-S -

    PB10 Polar Blend contains extremely high bacterial concentrations (10x) compared to most beneficial bacteria products in the pond treatment market. This makes PB10PB a powerful pond cleaning machine and one that can help reduce and eliminate many unwanted growths and conditions in your pond. And if you have sludge and muck at the bottom, PB10 PBwill help to greatly reduce this as well....and PB10 PB can be combined with our PondBiotixME (The Muck Eliminator)for even greater muck and...

    PondBiotix ME
    PondBiotixME Muck Eliminator Pellets - 30 lbs - SHIPS FREE!
    Price: $325.00
    Retail: $349.95
    Price: $325.00
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    KLM Solutions Item #: PBME-S -

      PondBiotixMe is THE MUCK ELIMINATOR! If you have a large pond and particularly an older one that may have a lot of old leaf and organic build up at the bottom, this can be a prime stimulator of unwanted algae growth as well as a number of other problems.Reducing and elminating this muck and sludge is one of the very best things you can do to improve the overall health and condition of your pond and the best tool for doing that is PBME.PBME is a pelletized form of beneficial bacteria, activated...

      Muck & Leaf Decaying Catalyst
      PondBiotixMDC Muck Degrading Catalyst - One Gallon
      Price: $98.00
      Retail: $109.95
      Price: $98.00
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      KLM Solutions Item #: PBMDC-S -

        PondBiotix MDC is a specialized blend of key catalysts and biostimulants that uses enzymes to help breakdown unwanted organic matter at the bottom of large ponds. MDC is so versatile that it can be used alone, with beneficial bacteria, and even with chemcial herbicides and algaecides to help restore nature's balance in a pond or lake. It speeds up the natural breakdown of organics into simple sugars which can quickly digested by bacteria. MDC is safe for fish and for the environment and it's...