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    The 1/2 acre BioSphere Pro will naturally and effectively treat ponds up to 500,000 gallons in size or they can be combined to treat larger ponds and may provide better distribution than our larger sphere. 

    Please do not underdose for the best results.

    Each sphere will time-release beneficial bacteria into your pond for a full month and will not need to be removed. It will degrade naturally over the course of several months. This product works in a very broad temperature and pH range and can be used for season-long treatment.

    It limits unwanted growth by lowering nutrient loads in the pond and it can help reduce muck and sludge at the bottom of the pond. For heavy muck, it can be combined with our BioBlast product for a more targeted treatment.

    Save $5.00 per sphere when ordering 3 or more!

    Tips for the best results with this product:

    • Dose appropriately for the gallon volume of the pond and the estimated nutrient load. The product has a high safety threshold so using 2x or 3x the pond volume is still safe for fish.
    • All microbial products will work best with a good pond aerator in place.
    • If the current water chemistry is unknown, a pH test is advised. This product will work best in a range from about 6.5 to 9.0
    • For small ponds, ultraviolet sterilizers should be turned off for at least 24 to 48 hours after application.
    • Do not use any microbial with copper-containing algaecides.
    • Allow a reasonable time for the microbes to work. 30 days minimum and ideally up to 60 days (or two treatment cycles) for the best evaluation.

    If you have any additional questions on how to use this product, please reach out to us via the chat (lower right corner of this page) or by contacting us via email.

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    I first used Bio Sphere two years ago and it worked wonders on my 1/2 acre, 10' average depth pond. Last year I tried a less expensive liquid that I purchased locally and my pond went downhill fast. This year I've been doubling the treatments to get the pond back in order and it's looking GREAT! This is the only product that I've used that cleared my pond quickly and reduced and then eliminated algae. Well worth the money when used properly and consistently.