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    The 1/4 acre BioSphere Pro will treat ponds up to 250,000 gallons or can be combined to treat larger ponds. Safe and useful for a variety of conditions, the spheres will help reduce organic nutrients, muck, and sludge which can lead to many types of unwanted growth. 

    Please do not underdose for the best results.

    Each sphere will treat your pond for a full 30 days and will degrade naturally, or you can remove it and place it in your compost bin. Will work for all-season pond care in temperature ranges of 34 degrees to 100+ degrees.

    Save $5.00 per sphere when ordering 3 or more!

    Tips for the best results with this product:

    • Dose appropriately for the gallon volume of the pond and the estimated nutrient load. The product has a high safety threshold so using 2x or 3x the pond volume is still safe for fish.
    • All microbial products will work best with a good pond aerator in place.
    • If the current water chemistry is unknown, a pH test is advised. This product will work best in a range from about 6.5 to 9.0
    • For small ponds, ultraviolet sterilizers should be turned off for at least 24 to 48 hours after application.
    • Do not use any microbial with copper-containing algaecides.
    • Allow a reasonable time for the microbes to work. 30 days minimum and ideally up to 60 days (or two treatment cycles) for the best evaluation.

    If you have any additional questions on how to use this product, please reach out to us via the chat (lower right corner of this page) or by contacting us via email.

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    Royal Palm Beach, Florida

    It works, plain and simple.

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    This product is amazing! After trying everything to clear up my algae problem, this is the only solution that actually got the results I wanted. Last year, I was traveling and left my pond unattended for several months. Unfortunately, my pond feeder was set much too high, and dumped huge amounts of food in the pond every day that was not consumed.

    When I returned I was greeted to a massive algae bloom that I had never seen before in the years of having my pond. What was once a beautiful focal point on my property was now a source of embarrassment. I called every pond "expert" I could find and pond product companies. Everyone told me I could not use a chemical treatment of the algae because of my Koi. Some even told me that being the case, I had to either get rid of my beloved fish so I could live without algae or else just live with it because no treatment would be possible. Some told me even though I had a fountain I needed an expensive aeration system ($1600) to solve the problem and it would take over a year to start working.

    I could not accept these answers. I kept trying more and more products and wasting more and more money. So over the last 6 months the algae got worse as my wallet got emptied. They would knock back the algae but it would quickly returned seemingly stronger than ever. Some of these products were $200-$300 for one treatment.

    Finally one day after research I discovered Mark from KLM on youtube with a video about the myths of pond algae. I was blown away as this was the first time I was hearing this kind of information and it made a lot of sense. He was giving the opposite advice of a lot of these so called experts. I called KLM and spoke to Mark, he was very friendly and helpful. He explained that I needed to treat the source of the problem and not the symptoms, all the excessive nutrients that feed the algae from the overload. He recommended the biosphere product and as he explained how it worked it made sense. You eliminate the nutrients and the algae will die off.

    I ordered the 1/4 acre product for my 1/8 acre pond. Mark told me it could take a few months and to be patient. Much to my amazement within 3 weeks the algae was more than half gone and by the end of the month it was completely eliminated! I was blown away. Usually when I hear about a "natural" product I think less effective but better for the environment. Not the case here! This product is amazingly effective and in my case worked very quickly on a problem that resisted all my efforts for over 6 months. Not to mention that this product is a fraction of the price of everything else I tried.

    Thanks Mark and KLM for the great product and the advice! I will be using these regularly in the pond.