• Activates, treats, and maintains
  • Liquefies suspended solids and sludge
  • Liquefies manure for conditions not suitable for insect larva
  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • Patented, 24/7 time release
  • Maintains nutrient values
  • Two applications per year
  • Works at the bottom, where problems occur
  • Biodegradable, corn-based resin dispenser
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    BiosphereAG is an ideal choice to reduce sludge layers and

    improve your lagoon’s storage capacity. BiosphereAG reduces odor

    and increases nutrient value and consistency.

    Available in a case of 4


    • Need to reduce sludge layer
    • Improve lagoon storage capacity
    • Helps reduce crusting and foaming
    • Increase nutrient value and consistency
    • Reduce odor


    Length/feet x Width/feet x Depth/feet x 7.5 = Total Gallons


    Add 1 Lagoon AgraSphere® for every 125,000 gallons of slurry

    Always treat to the maximum capacity

    Example: a 2,000,000-gallon lagoon requires four cases of Lagoon AgraSphere

    Apply Lagoon AgraSphere every 180 days


    • Place 2/3 of the spheres where the highest amounts of solids have accumulated
    • Evenly distribute remaining 1/3
    • Repeat every 180 days to maintain adequate liquefaction