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    Our BLAST Biosphere Pro booster is designed to help our biosphere treatments during times of high nutrient loads or stress such as the hottest parts of summer. The special formula of bacteria is also helpful to target organic muck at the bottom of ponds where the biosphere is a pond-wide treatment.

    One 8oz water dissolving packet treats up to 1/2 acre (500,000 gallons) in size. Use with the Biosphere Pro spheres and apply in the middle of the 30 day sphere treatment period.

    You can save substantially (only $8.95 per packet) when ordering Blast in quantities of 6 or more packets.  

    Receive FREE SHIPPING when ordering 12 or more!

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    i am so impressed with this product - used blast combined with a biosphere and i can see the bottom which is 6 feet down - I was beginning to think that the 6 foot depth was the reason the pond wasnt' clear but this product really did the trick and it is so reasonably priced. I have an approximately 20,000 gallon pond with a vinyl liner.