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    The Easy Pro 1/4 HP aeration system comes with a reliable rocking piston compressor that produces 2.5 CFM and will aerate up to 50 feet deep. The kit includes a single EPMD diffuser and 100 feet of 3/8 weighted airline along with the necessary couplings.

    Effective aeration in 1/4 acre ponds 5 to 8 feet deep, 1/2 acre ponds 8 to 12 feet deep, and 1 acre ponds 12 to 16+ feet deep.

    2 year warranty on the compressor.

    It's recommended that the compressor be protected with a weatherproof covering.

    **If you have a pond that is over 1/2 acre in size and less than 8' deep, or the pond is much longer than it is wide, we suggest adding an additional diffuser to the system for better coverage.  This diffuser add-on package is available below.

    ***Is your compressor dropping in it's air output?  A seal replacement kit may be necessary.  You can view those here.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    We Love It!

    Bought this 1/4 HP Easy Pro aerator a few months back and it's been a big help to our pond. It's about 3/4 acre and we had lost fish last year in some really hot weather. This one came highly recommended and it's performed as promised. We love it and our fish seem healthy even during the summer months.