Getting your pond ready for winter actually begins in the fall. And while we're covering many important preparation topics on our blog, you'll find a number of helpful products on this page that may make the job of fall prep a bit easier.

One of the most useful tools (not included on this page) for balancing a pond and keeping the water clean and clear is beneficial bacteria. All of our Biosphere bacteria products are "all season", which means they can be used in cold water temperatures down to 34 degrees. It's important to use an all season formula once the temps drop below 50 degrees.

In addition to biological supplementation it's important to keep the pond clean and free of leaves that might accumulate at the bottom of the pond.

For more information on pond vacuums please visit this page.

If you overwinter your fish in the pond it's a good idea to keep the water open with a pond heater or aerator. This helps release toxic gases that can build up under the ice.

For more information please visit our specific page on our aeration systems.

For pond deicers, and pond netting simply scroll down this page to view our selection. Netting in particular is effective at keeping leaves and debris from ever accumulating in a pond to begin with and it also serves as a potential deterrent to predators who may be after your fish.