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Large Pond Workshop Membership

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    Join our large pond workshop and receive 6 weeks of online classes that are designed to help any large pond owner have a cleaner, healthier, and better looking pond!  

    Topics covered include:

        •    Get To  Know Your Pond - The Fundamentals Of Large Pond Management.
        •    Pond Mechanicals - Using Aeration, Circulators, Fountains And More.
        •    Pond Algae Control Made Simple - We Cover Natural And Economical Solutions.
        •    Aquatic Weed Control - Learn How To Beat Weeds Before They Take Over Your Pond.
        •    How To Deal With Water Quality Issues That Affect Pond Health, Clarity, and Vitality.
        •    Fish And Wildlife - How To Grow Healthy, Robust Fish And Attract Desired Wildlife While Limiting Problem Critters.
        •    Bonus Q&A Sesson - Recorded And Based On Your Most Common Questions!
        •    Pond References Directory - Your Pond Care Rolodex!

    This virtual workshop offers great value with unlimited access for life!  Pay once, access it forever. Any updates or additions to the course will be available to you at no extra charge whatsoever.

    And you can enjoy a 30 day trial period.  Simply purchase the workshop, watch it and learn, and if you don't feel this workshop was worth every penny (and more) simply contact us and let us know what was missing and we'll refund the purchase price right away.

    If you have questions about this product we'll be happy to help.

    Just enter your question in the comments section below and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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    A Very Well Put Together Course
    Carl Miller
    Review Date:

    • Easy%20and%20simple%20tips
    • Can%20go%20back%20and%20review%20easily
    • Affordable%20for%20what%20it%20covers
    • Lot%27s%20of%20info%20to%20remember
    I have to say I enjoyed this workshop very much. Learned a lot about my pond that I didn't know. Some things I had heard before but it was easy to understand and well explained. I recommend it to anyone with a bigger pond.




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