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Natural Pond Algae Control For Large Ponds - Up To 1 Acre Or More

Biosphere PRO 1 Acre Treatment

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This Pond Algae Solutions pond treatment is the most cost effective, dependable way to a clean and clear pond. The Biosphere PRO combines a patented dispensing system with a blend of naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria and enzymes that target excess nutrients through the entire water column.

Biosphere PRO rids the water of excess organic nutrients, reduces the sludge layer, and minimizes offensive odors. The PRO formulation is effective in water temperatures between 34° F and 110° F. The Biosphere PRO can be added to your water feature all season long. No other bio-treatment works like this patented time-released system!

**The Biospheres are not refillable and can be disposed of in any plastic recycling center.

Purchase The Biosphere Pro 1 Acre Treatment $114.99 -Discounts available by ordering 3 or more spheres! Click below for more details.

KLM Solutions has been using the Biosphere PRO for several years now and we've been extremely impressed with it's effectiveness on treating algae and other pond related problems.

Simply toss the Biosphere in the pond and allow it to work continuously for up to 30 days. Subsequent treatments are very easy to apply by simply repeating the process. There's no need to deal with messy refills of any kind. Just pull the old sphere out of the water and replace it with a new one...it's that easy! The Biosphere PRO is the no-hassle way of keeping large ponds clean.

Using the Biosphere PRO in the pond can eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals like algaecides in your pond. Truth be told, algaecides only lead to long term problems and do nothing to really clean the pond up. As algae is killed, it sinks to the bottom and adds more to the organic decaying matter that's causing algae in the first place.

Bio-remediation is aided by the BiospherePRO where organic sediment is reduced and eliminated over time. This leads to a cleaner, healthier pond where algae will have a much harder time to grow.

The formula in the Biosphere Pro is all natural and is safe for fish, wildlife, people, pets, and rooted plants.

Easy and safe to apply to any pond up to 1 Acre in size. Use multiple dispensers to treat larger ponds.

Eliminates algae by helping to break down the organic build up and excess nutrients that are the root cause of algae...so you don't just treat a sympton with a chemical algaecide!

Completely biodegradeable - completely safe for fish, plants, and people.

One small sphere will treat a 1 acre pond for an entire month!

Commercial applications for Algae Solutions Biosphere Pro include:
• Golf Courses
• Commercial Real Estate
• Home Owner Associations
• Retention Ponds
• Theme Parks and Public Attractions
• Zoos
• Parks and Recreation Facilities
• Fish Hatcheries

Factors Affecting Performance and Additional Notes

  • Ponds using diffused aeration systems will see an even greater impact when used in conjunction with Algae Solutions BiospherePRO.
  • Large ponds can be quite irregular in shape. To get the most effective distribution, several smaller dispensers will be better than a single unit.
  • Ponds having regular turnover, such as those used for regular irrigation purposes, may require more frequent treatment.
  • Ponds subject to periodic loading of nutrient rich fertilizer runoff, frequent rainstorms, or treatment plant effluent, may require additional BiospherePRO dispensers..
  • Very shallow ponds may require additional treatments.
  • Very deep ponds (in excess of 10 feet) may require additional treatment to ensure distribution throughout the entire body of water.
  • Ponds used in raising aquaculture will typically experience higher nutrient loading. These ponds will require additional treatment.
  • A 1 Acre size pond in terms of surface area will measure approximately 210 X 210 square feet.

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