LG Sonic Ultrasonic Algae Control Systems

Pond algae control is going high tech!

Ultrasound is a new and exciting treatment for pond algae in all sizes of ponds. This technology works exceptionally well in large bodies of water and on blue-green algae types. Watch a video showing how ultrasound works to kill pond algae by clicking the link below.

Below you'll find an LG Sonic unit that will fit any pond size and demand. We strongly suggest that you submit a water/algae sample to us for analysis before purchasing a unit. There is no cost involved other than USPS priority shipping charges to our location in Iowa.

Having the algae analysis test done ensures that ultrasound will work on your type of algae problem before you invest in the technology. Plus this testing qualifies you for our Algae-Free Guarantee regarding the LG Sonic.

If you have any further questions on ultrasound technology, the algae analysis, or our performance based guarantee, you're welcome to contact us to learn more.

LG Sonic Products


LG Sonic SSS - For ponds up to 30 feet in diameter...

lg sonic sss system

For smaller ponds, water gardens and koi ponds. Helpful for maintaining pH balance and for eliminating algae and some types of destructive fungi.

Though it is the smallest of the five LG Sonic devices, in its scaled down output range it has the same ability to exterminate algae just as quickly and effectively as the larger units.

It is built with the same high quality and technical capability of the other devices while being sized more suitably for private use. It is economical to operate, with a power consumption rate about the same as a refrigerator light bulb.

Technical data LG Sonic SSS
Range: 33 feet
Power input: 120v consumption: 7 Watts
Cable length: 33 feet from control box to tranducer

This Product Is No Longer Available - Contact Us For More Information