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Easy Pro Barley Exract
Easy Pro Barley Extract

Barley Straw Extract

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    Liquid Barley Extract is really easy to use. Just pour the pre-measured amount in the pond and your done. Safe for fish, people and pets. Container has a built in measuring cup for accurate dosages.

    Like all barley formulas, this concentrate can work to limit new algae growth in a safe and eco-friendly fashion.

    Application Rates
    Dosage rate schedule below is based on clear water pond size.
    For turbid water, increase the dosage by 50%.

    Pond Size
    (in Gallons)
    1st & 2nd Week 3rd & 4th Week Maintenance
    (Every 3 weeks)
    up to 500 1 oz 0.5 oz 0.75 oz
    501-1000 1.5 oz 0.75 oz 1.25 oz
    1001-1500 2 oz 1 oz 1.5 oz
    1501-2500 2.5 oz 1.25 oz 1.75 oz
    2501-3000 3 oz 1.5 oz 2.25 oz
    3001-4000 3.5 oz 1.75 oz 2.75 oz
    4001-5000 4 oz 2 oz 3 oz
    5001-6000 4.5 oz 2.25 oz 3.25 oz
    6001-7000 5 oz 2.5 oz 3.75 oz
    7001-8000 5.5 oz 2.75 oz 4.25 oz
    8001-10,000 6 oz 3 oz 4.5 oz

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    Worked like a charm!
    Camille Hancock
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    • eco-friendly
    • all%20natural
    • very%20effective
    This stuff is amazing. My pond was so green, I couldn't even see my fish. I put in the first treatment of the barley straw extract and a week later, my pond was completely clear. I could see to the bottom! I have a small pond, so the bales of barley straw were too big. With the extract, I can measure out just the right amount. It's so easy. You just pour it in the pond and you're done. And the fact that it's all natural and eco-friendly is very important to me. I don't want to use harsh chemicals. This way I know it's completely safe for the fish, the plants and pets who might take a drink sometimes. This bottle will last a very long time, too, because I only have to use a small dose each time.




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