Effective And Safe Mosquito Control For Your Pond Or Yard

Mosquito control just got a lot easier! Listed below you'll find a number of products that can provide season-long protection from biting insects of all kinds and especially pesky mosquitos. There was a time when mosquito bite was just an annoyance but these days, with the emergence of west nile, getting a bite from one of these little monsters could be a big problem.

For controlling flying insects, the best option is to use some type of trap. The DynaTrap is just one brand listed below and is one of the very best. It uses no chemicals or propane and yet it works very well to attract and trap unwanted insects. It can be used inside or out.

It's also advised to use a good quality, preferably deet free insect repellent, such as the Buzz Away for more personal protection when outdoors.

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