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PondBiotix SP For Small Ponds
PondBiotixSP Small Pond Microbial

PondBiotixSP - For Small Ponds - 1 Quart SHIPS FREE!

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    PondBiotixSP - Concentrated Biological Treatment For Small Ponds

    Brand new and more powerful than most natural pond treatments,PondBiotixSP is specifically formulated for small ponds making it safe for fish, pets, and people.

    Small pond systems can be challenging to keep clean and free from unwanted growth and green water but using a beneficial bacteria is one of the best ways to safely move your pond in a better direction. PBSP is one of the most potent and concentrated formulations available for small ponds. It will lower nutrients that algae can feed on, and work to clear the bottom of unwanted muck and organic debris. All of this can lead to a cleaner and healthier pond overall.

    Available in an easy dosing liquid, a one quart bottle can treat many small ponds for six months or even longer. Please refer to the dosage chart below for more information.

    Size Of PondFirst ApplicationFollow Up Applications
    80 to 200 gallons8 oz2 oz. once per week for next four weeks then once per month for maintenance.
    201 to 500 gallons10 oz3 oz. once per week for next four weeks then once per month for maintenance.
    501 to 1,000 gallons12 oz4 oz. once per week for next four weeks then once per month for maintenance.
    1,001 to 5,000 gallons16 oz6 oz. once per week for next four weeks then once per month for maintenance.

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    Love PondBiotixSP!
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    This will be my 3rd year using this product. I have told everyone I know who has an issue with clarity, muck, etc and they have tried it too and loved it. I would not use anything else for my pond. My pond size is about 2000 gallons. Easy to apply and have had no issues with my Koi or frogs. My wife absolutely loves that we can see 4 feet down to the bottom of the pond. Note: I do not filter at all. I just use a circulating pump that sprays the water in an old style bathtub and then it overflows into the main pond. This is the only maintenance I do other than removing the stray leafs that fly in from time to time. Three of my Koi were a gift from a friend and are about 6 years old. They would never spawn for her. Now they have spawned every year and its so much fun to see all the new little ones come spring.
    Best I have found!!
    Richmond, VA
    Review Date:

    After 9 years of trying everything out there, I found this product a couple years ago and am a big fan. I have a long, shallow stream bed which has been an algae heaven. BiotixSP has kept it under control but I add it weekly, not monthly. Cleaning has been so much easier. I recommend it this to anyone who struggles with an algae problem!!!




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