Pond Calculators

Here's a pond calculator that will help you estimate your pond's gallon volume, acre feet, and surface area in acres. This information can be essential when a pond owner is trying to figure out the dosage requirements for their pond and application.

For instance if treating with our BioSphere Pro products or in virtually any small pond application you will want to go by gallon volume.

When treating with our PondBioix10 formula you would want to dose by acre-feet, and with our PondBiotixME pellets you simply work by square footage which can be figured by multiplying the length and width of the pond. (note: each square acre of pond surface is 210x210 feet.)

Calculate Acre-Feet, Gallon Volume, Surface Acres

To calculate pond volume in smaller ponds, enter the length,width and depth in feet and click on the gallon volume button..

For larger ponds, use either the"length/width" or "acres" option. Using "length/width" can provide acre-feet, gallon volume, or surface acre estimates. If you know the total acres of the pond, choose that option and you can calculate acre-feet and gallon volume.

Use decimal points such as 2.5 acres, rather than 2 1/2 for the calculator to work correctly.

For natural pond treatments be sure to round up in measurements to avoid underdosing.

Average Depth:

Convert To:


Calculate Your Pond's Fish Load Capacity

Every small pond will have a limit of how many fish it can contain before water quality or fish health declines. Here's a calculator to help you determine how many fish your pond can hold for it's size. Keep in mind that these are simply estimates and the total effective carrying capacity of any pond will also be affected by the size and quality of your filtration system and other factors*.

Your Pond Can Hold This Many Inches Of Fish:

Gallons Your Pond Holds

Total Inches Of Goldfish
Total Inches Of Koi Fish

To calculate the gallons your pond holds please use this calculator.

*Goldfish produce less waste then Koi fish so a good rule of thumb for goldfish is 5" of fish for every 100 gallons of water. Koi fish produce more waste then goldfish so a good rule of thumb for Koi fish is 3" of fish for every 100 gallons of water. Your pond may vary.