A pond circulator is an amazing tool for year round use in large ponds, lagoons, marinas, and lakes.  The device and the concept of it's use is pretty simple.  A specially designed propeller is attached to a motor, usually from around 1/2 HP up to 1 HP, and this can be mounted horizontally under a surface float, hard mounted to a dock or other structure, or suspended under the water using tie lines.

Circulators are excellent at helping eliminate stagnant waters, and they provide water movement, where debris may accumulate around docks and boats, and they also offer ice protection when the weather get's cold.  In fact they are particularly well suited at protecting structures from ice, as they can be combined with a temperature controlled sensor to only run when the water get's cold enough to freeze.

We offer 3 sizes of Kasco circulators and they've provided years of dependable operation for many of our customers.