Bill Me Later Available Now!

Let's face it, sometimes when you want to purchase the best products for your pond, the reality is it won't always be the cheapest way to go.

This works for a lot of things but for us, aeration stands out as a great example.

To get a system that will really  help your pond do better, you have to get one of ample size, power, and coverage.  And for larger waters this costs some money.

Cheap systems often break down or end up being more trouble than they're worth so if you want something really dependable and long lasting, you'll want to spend a bit more.

But sometimes cash flow isn't all that great.  We know how that goes.

So to make the purchase of some of our more expensive items a little easier to bare, we've implemented the Bill Me Later finance program offered by PayPal.  We've used this personally before and really love it.  It makes larger purchases pretty painless and you usually have a minimum of six months to pay off the balance.  

Any order over $99 qualifies so be sure to look for it in our checkout process.  

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