Going Green And Eco-Friendly

Our primary tool in dealing with a variety of pond problems is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that works continuously to not only reduce unwanted growth, but it also cleans the pond as well.

Along with good bacteria, we promote the use of things like barley straw products, mechanical solutions like good filtration, aeration, or ultrasound, all of which help to create a healthy and vibrant pond and eliminate or limit the need for using chemicals.

We also religiously suggest the use of good pond management practices such as the use of beneficial and desirable pond plants, proper fish population management and feeding routines, and eliminating or minimizing the environmental influences that affect algae growth.

Where stubborn algae or aquatic weed growth is concerned, we suggest using the most targeted and controlled products possible which not only help alleviate the problem plants, but with prudent use, you maintain the pond with minimal impact on the environment.

Rest assured that everything you see listed on our site has been researched and tested by us to be not only some of the most effective tools for pond management, but also the most environmentally friendly products of their kind in the pond care industry.

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