This Product Has Been Discontinued - Please Email Us For Other Possible Suppliers

Pond Dechlorinating Filter

The new PondFresh Dechlorinating Filter is designed specifically for pond owners.

If you're a pond owner and you live in a municipal area, you'll want to make sure you remove all chlorine and chloramines from tap water as you add it to your pond. Perhaps it's a complete refilling or you're just topping off in hot weather...either way, if you have fish, chlorine and chloramine is not something you want to add to the pond.

There are a few ways you could deal with a chlorine problem. There are tablets you can add to the water to reduce chlorine. You could wait for it to wear off (chloramines don't wear off quickly), but that's not necessarily a good option if you have fish in a pond and can't wait it out.

The best option we've found for dealing with the various drawbacks of using tap water is to put a high quality filter on our garden hose and remove the dangerous chemical additives before they even get into the pond.

The Pond Fresh PF200 filter does just that as well as removing heavy metals and other contaminants.

This unique new water filter attaches directly to your garden hose and removes harmful chemicals from your tap water, including:
• Chlorine
• Chloramines
• Heavy Metals
• 45 other VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Removes Harmful Chlorine and Chloramines!

Featuring the Aquaspace Compound

The PondFresh Filters use a special filtering media, originally developed by NASA for use in it's space program.

Here are some other benefits:

• Easy to use!
• Compact and easy to store when not in use!
• Removes harmful chemicals Instantly!
• Reduces stress on your fish!
• The PF200 lasts up to 1 Year or up to 30,000 Gallons for filtering chlorine and up to 2,000 gallons for 100% chloramine concentrations! (* Depending on Chlorine and Chloramine concentrations, filter life will vary. Water laden with sediment should have a sediment filter to prevent large debris from clogging PF-200 media.) For best results and safety the filter should be replaced annually.

Be sure to check with your water local water supplier to find out what type and what ratio of chemicals are being used in your water treatments to more accurately gauge filter capacity.

Detailed instructions are included with every filter and by following them you can virtually eliminate all detectable traces of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and other toxic substances from your pond!

Note to our valued customers: Late in 2016, we made the decision to stop carrying the Pond Fresh filters. To be clear, they do work as described and provide a very good way to keep dangerous chemicals out of your pond. The decision was made primarily to refine some of our small pond product listings that focus more on microbial products and algae related issues. There is good news however. You can still find the Pond Fresh filters online by searching for a company called MacArthur Water Gardens. Once on their site, search for the Pond Fresh filter and you'll find both sizes there!