Pond Testing Products

Our pond testing products include pH and Ammonia test strips, copper testing, and oxygen testing.

Knowing the pH of your pond is very useful, particularly if your considering using a natural algae treatment or beneficial bacteria. In most cases, it's helpful to have the pH somewhere between 6.5 to 8.5 for most of these products.

Ammonia is also good to keep an eye on if you have fish in your pond. As fish waste builds up, ammonia levels can rise in a pond making it toxic for the fish. Proper filtration along with the use of a beneficial bacteria and added plants can help keep ammonia levels in check.

In either case, when checking the water with the strips, a simple dip in the pond will suffice and you can then check the color of the strip compared to a graph on the side of the package.

Copper test strips have been added for use with our Earthtec algaecide and the IonGen Ionizer, both of which use copper ions to kill pond algae.  Maintaining a safe copper level in the water is important and the test strips will help you do that.

It's also advised to maintain good dissolved oxygen levels in a pond in order to maintain healthy fish and the biological processes that help to keep a pond cleaner.  Nothing will be more accurate and easy to use than a digital oxygen meter and we have one of the most affordable models listed below.