Pond Vacuums

A question we get quite a bit is why on earth do you offer pond vacuums on an algae control website? It's a good question with a simple answer.

Small ponds that have common algae problems are often dirty and have an accumulation and build up of debris in the bottom of them. Much of this is organic material that settles and compacts in the depths of the pond. As this material decays, it adds abundant nutrients to the water, or in other words, substances that are perfect food for algae growth!

Therefore one of the most proactive and useful things a pond owner can do is keep the pond clean and clear of some of this build up. And pond vacuums are the perfect tool for that.

When choosing a pond vacuum, you'll want to consider your budget, and the size and depth of your pond. Some vacs like the low pressure muck vac for instance, won't work in very much depth, and is a poor choice for larger jobs or heavy debris.

For this reason we generally suggest shopping for a powered pond vacuum. Of those you'll find two distinct varieties. One type will have intermittent operation, meaning that it will suck up water and debris, but then have to stop to discharge from time to time. The other type is a continuous duty vac that will do both simultaneously. The latter is more expensive but usually worth the added cost for larger jobs. The Matala Pond Vacuum II is an example of an intermittent vac, and the Oase Pond-o-vac 4 would be an example of a continuous duty vac.

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