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    This 1/2 HP Sentinel aeration system is the perfect, complete kit for ponds up to 3 acres in size. The all new Stratus ERP rocking piston compressor will create up to 5.2 CFM of air flow while pulling 4.0 amps. Operational costs are right around $1.00 in a 24 hour period.  Standard kit runs on 115v, 230v is available upon request.

    This kit includes a locking steel cabinet, cooling fan, electrical outlet, pressure release valve, pressure gauge, compressor, 300 feet of 3/8" weighted airline, 3 double membrane diffusers and all necessary couplings. Every thing you'll need to set up a pro-line aeration system in your pond!

    Includes a 2 year warranty on the compressor and a 5 year warranty on the airline, diffusers, and cabinet.

    *Is your compressor dropping in it's air output? A seal replacement kit may be necessary. You can view those here.