Pond Shelter Netting

Pond Shelter Net System (160350-S)

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The PondShelter pond net is one of the most sturdy and resilient systems you'll find on the market today. Use it for heavy leaf load protection and avian predators that could cause problems for your fish. This netting system is STOUT and...
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New Jersey

It works very well

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  • light
  • easy%20to%20assemble
  • not%20too%20unsightly
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<p>I've been using a home made version of this for quite a few years. I have not lost a fish to a heron since, so it works.</p><p>This particular unit was easy to install. It is very light. You can adjust where you tie down the nets both to the frame and the ground, which is great because I have it over irises. I like the size of the netting as it covers beyond the edges of the pond, making it really heron-proof -- also looks like it is effective against other animals getting in as well. Netting so far seems strong enough and doesn't get all tangled up .... I also like the way it is light and easy to move and stands high enough to actually walk under when I need to do pond maintenance.</p><p>It's my first season, but so far I highly recommend.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1