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    Got a pond algae problem?  This online program is the place to begin to clear things up!

    You will end up with a clean, healthy, and algae-free pond.  

    String algae, green water, pond scum, the information in this program will help with them all. 

    Topics covered include:

    • Learn more about our anti-algae protocol for small and large ponds and why algae may show up in a pond in the first place.
    • Discover how to treat the root causes of algae in natural and effective ways.
    • How to keep your fish and family safe while ridding your pond of algae.
    • Find out how to use tools like pond aeration, beneficial bacteria, pond dye, barley, filters, ultrasound, and more, to keep your pond looking great.
    • Learn about highly targeted solutions for specific algae problems like green water, string algae, pond scum, rock and waterfall algae, and more!
    • Common sense, affordable, low cost, eco-friendly options are highlighted and discussed in detail.
    • Need additional, personal help? Your pond algae questions are answered directly in the workshop!

    This virtual course offers great value with unlimited access for life!  Pay once, access it forever. Any updates or additions to the course will be available to you at no extra charge whatsoever.

    Right after payment you'll be taken to page where you can set up your exclusive username and password for access.  After doing that you'll receive an email with these personal login details so you'll want to keep that for your records.

    And keep in mind you can enjoy a 3 month "check it all out" period.  Simply purchase the program, watch, learn, and apply what we cover and if you don't feel this course was worth every penny (and more) simply contact us and let us know what was missing and we'll refund the purchase price right away.

    If you have questions about this product we'll be happy to help.

    Just enter your question in the comments section below and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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