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    The Quattro-DB Ultrasound System includes the sonic head, power module, float, and 10 meter power cable. The water-proof power cable is required and can be customized for lengths up to 500 meters (contact us if you require an extended cable). Select the best length above to suit your application.

    The Quattro-DB can be used in ponds and lakes as large as 120 acres (or more with multiple units), depending on the algae type that you're dealing with. For thicker, filamentous type algae, around 17 acres of coverage could be expected. Less dense single-cell algae allows for greater range of coverage.

    The Quattro-DB is omni-directional, which provides 360 degrees of coverage from the device and it uses dual bandwidths for greater frequency density. These are both features not found before in ultrasonic devices. The omni-directional sound output is achieved with just one piezo sound emitter that operates in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower bandwidth and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth.

    The device works in harmony with aquatic wildlife (fish and animals), aquatic plants, bio-solids and planktonic organisms other than algae. Since the device can control biofilm formation on cleaned surfaces, you may notice surfaces near the device remain clean for long periods after being initially cleaned. This is due to inhibiting anaerobic bacterial colonization due to their sensing the ultrasonic signature as water turbulence. Fungi (e.g. Pythium) and bacteria with gas vesicles will also be controlled by the device by causing them to lose buoyancy.

    The device creates ultrasonic frequencies that cover two important bandwidth areas where algae can be controlled via critical structural resonance similar to the way a crystal glass can be broken by the right sound pitch. Ultrasound works as the force to cause these internal vibrations in algae cells or in organelles inside the algae cells that disable them. The system is powered via the power module that is available for use with many types of power input including solar.

    Quattro-DB Specifications And Performance

    Green Algae and Diatom Algae Control Range: 150 meters radially from the device or about 17.5 acres.

    Blue-green Algae with gas vesicles Control Range: 400 meters radially from the device or about 124 acres.

    Frequency ranges:

    Bandwidth 1: Low ultrasonic range 34 kHz

    Bandwidth 2: High ultrasonic range 10 kHz

    Total Frequencies per cycle: 2024
    Time per cycle: about 34 minutes

    Power consumed:

    11.2 watts average on 120 volts AC (about $15 per year at $0.15/kwh)

    Peak instantaneous power - 50 watts.

    The Quattro-DB Ultrasonic System is made up of three main components. These are the ultrasonic head, the power module/controller, and the power cable. A float and attachments are also included.

    Sonic Head:

    This contains the frequency driver and the sonic emitters that produce the ultrasonic output signal. The top and bottom sections house the piezo sonic emitters. They are offset by 90 degrees so that the sound is projected radially away in 4 directions. The two way output and the two piezo mounts are unique in the industry.

    Power Module:

    This can be AC or DC electrical input. AC inputs include 24, 100/120 and 240 volt service at 50 or 60 Hz. DC input is 24 volts via solar or AC charged batteries (typically two 12 volt batteries in series.) The power module converts the input power to the 40 volt DC line voltage needed to power the sonic head.

    Connecting Cable:

    This connects the power module with the sonic head. This provides power and communications to and from the sonic head. The standard cable length is 150 meters (about 500 feet) but lengths up to 500 meters (about 1640 feet) are possible. Other devices of this type are typically limited to cables lengths of 75 meters due to cable voltage drop reduces the driving voltage for the circuit and the sound output level drops proportionately. The *Quattro-DBTM has compensating circuitry in the sonic head that boosts the incoming voltage to the 40 volts needed by the circuitry and is a unique and patent pending feature of the device.


    This provides buoyancy for the sonic head and cable. The placement of the device is normally away from the bank so that there is a line of sight from the device to as much of the shoreline as possible. A flag on the float warns boaters not to anchor there due to the cable below. The user supplies an anchor to which the unit is tethered. The cable runs back to shore to a power supply run on AC or DC power.

    Features & Benefits

    • Multiple Applications in One Unit: The Quattro can be used in industrial tanks, waste water applications, and ponds up to a maximum of about 124 acres.*
    • Efficient / Low Power Use: High efficiency design for low power consumption.
    • Maximum Frequency Density: Using dual bandwidths, the Quattro blows away any other device on the market as it uses 2024 specific frequencies vs 79 out of a competing brand.
    • Maximum Range And Coverage: The Quattro covers more area with enhanced range. Full, 360 degree coverage out to 500 feet for all common algae types and up to 1300 feet for blue-green algae.
    • Long Term Dependability: Superior dependability is built into every system.
    • Low Maintenance: Clean the transducer head several times a season is all that may be required.
    • Fully Tested: Listed to stringent UL Safety Standards.
    • Solar Power Option Available: Land based solar and float based solar power is optional.
    • Dependable: Backed by a three-year warranty
    • Choice of Cord Lengths: Underwater rated power cord length options from 10 meters up to 500 meters.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    *Effective control range will vary by the algae type. String or filamentous algae will reduce the range somewhat compared to the less dense single cell algae.

    **Shipping time may vary but expect 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.