Algae On Rocks And Your Waterfall

Waterfalls, stream beds, and rocks around the pond can be great places for algae to grow. Often since the water is shallow or the surface is simply wet, products like beneficial bacteria may not work well in these cases.

We highly recommend a product called Algae-Off for this problem and it works very well. Algae-Off is a granular treatment that is sprinkled directly on the algae. The surface must be wet for it to work, and it will fizz and bubble and damage the cell membrane of the algae.

pond and waterfallAlgae-Off is not residual, which means it will dissipate quickly after application. This makes it safe for use with bacteria and other natural treatments and offers more safety than most copper based algaecides for pond algae control.

We prefer to use Algae-Off for spot treatments only and not pond wide cleaning.

Visit this link to learn more about Algae-Off.

Peroxide based products like Algae-Off, Green Clean, etc tend to be one of the better ways to control this type of algae.  Liquid "food grade" hydrogen peroxide can also be used and sprayed directly on the algae to damage and kill it. Using peroxide allows for continued use of beneficial bacteria in the pond itself and unlike copper based algaecides, peroxide dissipates so quickly that it will not be an issue for the bacteria.

And if you have any additional questions about dealing with waterfall algae please contact us.

Also you can have your questions about waterfall and rock algae answered directly below in the comments section of this page.  By posting your questions here we can share this Q & A session with other pond owners.

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